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Holmebuild are proud to be amongst the largest stockists of Everbuild Building Products in the country with over 150 different chemical products in stock, including silicones, foam, adhesives and bitumens.


Silicones We beleive that wekeep the most comprehensive range of silicone sealants of any merchant in the area. We stock all of the famous Everbuild brands including;
G. P. Silicone
Builders 450 Silicone
Bath & Sanitary 500 Silicone
Forever White
Decorators Caulk


Foams We stock the full range of Everbuilds expanding foam products including;
500ml and 750ml Fix & Fill
750ml Gun Grade
No Waste Foam
B1 and B2 Fire Foam


Adhesives Again we keep the complete range of Everbuild adhesives from household names such as Pinkgrip, Gun a Nail and Stixall through to more specialist products such as 5 minute and 30 minute Ply Wood Adhesives and Mitrefast Adhesive.

Tile Adhesives

Tile AdhesivesWe stock a full range of Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive (non slip and water resistant), tile grout and levelling compounds.

Building Chemicals

Building ChemicalsWe are confident in stating that we keep the largest range in the area of building chemicals and additives. Our range includes;
PVA Bond
SBR Bond
3 in 1 Mix
Moss & Mould Remover
Water Seal
Brick & Patio Cleaner


PaintThe range includes;
Masonary Paint
Floor Paint
Line Markers

Bitumens & Roofing Products

Bitumen and RoofingAt Holmebuild we stock the full range of bitumens and roofproducts including;
Flashing Tape
Bitumen Paint
Felt Adhesive
Trowel Mastic
Solar Reflective Paint

Wood Treatments

Wood TreatmentsOur stock range includes;
Wood Preserver (Clear, Dark Oak, Chestnut, Red Cedar, Fir Green)
Lumberjack Dryrot & Woodworm Treatment
Fencemate (Country Oak, Burnt oak, Rustic Red, Holly Green)