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General Building

Holme Build Services & Products - General Building
We stock a comprehensive range of all general building products in substantial quantities including 2 brands of cement, building blocks, types of insulation etc, etc.


Sand and AggregatesWe keep all types of sands and aggregates namely building sand, sharp sand, silver sand, ballast, 10mm + 20mm pea gravel etc. All these and more are available in pre-packed 25kg bags, in bulk bags for crane off – load or loose for collection out of our yard.


Cement We stock both Castle Multicem and Quinn cement providing a price and colour alternative. Also available is quick setting cement, sulphate resistant cement and K post concrete.

Blocks and Bricks

Blocks and BricksHolmebuild is a proud stockist of Stocks Blocks. We hold the full range including 100mm and 140mm concrete and breeze blocks, 2 sizes of foundation blocks and reveal blocks.

We also keep large quantities of both, concrete common and class B engineering bricks as well as offering a brick matching service where we have access to over 700 types of bricks.


InsulationWe hold large stocks of numerous brands and sizes of all types of insulation including Kingspan, Quinntherm and Superglass. We have access to Kingspan, technical department where we can calculate thermal value requirements on your behalf.


LintelsHolmebuild has a comprehensive range of pre-cast concrete lintels available in 100 x 75mm and 150 x 100mm profile ranging from 900mm to 3m in length.

We also keep a diverse range of Catnic steel lintels to suit most applications.


KerbsAll types and sizes of pre-cast concrete kerbs in stock including centre stones, radius kerbs and drop kerbs.


WallingA small stock selection and most other types to order. Please consult our trade counter staff to discuss your requirements.