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Holme Build Services & Products - Plumbing


Guttering We stock Brett Martin guttering in black in both round and square style profile. Also available is the unique cast Iron effect system which is very complimentary to properties of the Holme Valley and Saddleworth area.


Soil System We stock a full 110mm soil system in black.


Waste Available in both black and white and 32mm and 40mm diameter.


Speedfit Available in 15mm and 22mm.


Copper PipesAvailable in 15mm and 22mm.

MDPE Water Pipe

MDPE Waterpipes 25mm diameter pipe and fittings.

McAlpine Traps

McAlpine Traps A large selection of plumbing traps for all applications. i.e, bath, shower, washing machine, etc.


LeadWe stock Code 3 and Code 4 lead sheets in all widths and ancillary items such as lead sheets, spouts and patination oil.

Twinplas Gutter

Twinplas Gutter Now in stock, a plastic gutter system designed to replace traditional wooden gutters.