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Polythene and Damproofing

At Holmebuild we ensure we keep the broadest range of Polythene and Damp-Proofing products to cover all requirements.


DPCAvailable in 30m rolls from 100mm – 900mm widths, also available with foam insulation.


VisqueenVisqueen (1200g) building regs polythene is available in 100m2 rolls (25m x 4m) or handy packs (4m x 3m). We also stock TPS (Temporary Polythene Sheeting) which is ideal for applications such as dust sheeting.

Rubble Sacks & Bin Bags

Rubble Sacks and Bin BagsWe hold stocks of heavy duty bags for disposal of rubbish and keep rolls of various quantities of black bin liners.